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Custom- Built PC’s

We can also custom build PC’s according to your requirements at a better value as compared to retail outlets. This option allows you to obtain all the top quality components within the one PC, thus making it customized.

Custom built PCs are cheaper as well as a better option for you as they have the components you want and need, and they are of top quality as all the best, branded components that are available, are assembled to achieve together.

Computer Maintenance and Repairs

We offer On–Site Technicians who can do various Computer Maintenance and Repair tasks. Our certified technicians come to you to solve the problem with your IT products. From the time the technician arrives it is his eager to resolve the issue as soon as possible so that you are back with your work. (Read More)

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available where, when you sign up, we take care of any problem you get and we come to repair any number of problems, any number of times we have to, at no extra cost. (Read More)Computer Data Recovery Australia

The various On–Site services offered are:

  1. Virus/Spyware/Adaware Removal
  2. Networking Solutions (Wired/Wireless)
  3. Data back-up and Data transfer Services
  4. Computer running slowly/ freezing?
  5. Software problems?
  6. Reformatting your computer

On – Site Technicians

Our technicians can help you setup any kind of IT product or resolve any kind of IT issue you may be facing. Technicians are available to work 24/7 (Currently in VICTORIA only).

Technician Charges:

Business Hours – AU$ 99.00 (minimum charge, includes first hour)
– AU$ 60.00 per hour there after.
After Hours & Weekends – AU$ 149.00 per hour (minimum charge, includes first hour)
– AU$ 99.00 per hour there after.
To book an On-Site technician please call: 1300 782 762


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Tired of calling Technical Support or paying the bills to the Technicians coming to your place to attend to the problem? Here is the solution for you. Sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with us and we will take care of the rest. You can call us anytime you have a problem and we will come to your place, at the earliest, to fix the problem without any extra charge. You only pay extra in case there is any hardware fault and new hardware/ device has to be installed.

Packages Available (For Business Customers)

Packages Available (For Residential Customers)

* Pick-Ups – A technician will come on-site to collect the Computer/ CPU, which will then be brought back to our premises, fixed and returned back to the customer.
^ Drop-Offs – The customer is required to drop off the Computer/ CPU to our premises. The customer will be required to collect the Computer/ CPU once the problem has been fixed.


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