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FortuneX provides staffing solutions for customers in need of dedicated, low-cost, professional assistance with marketing campaigns, software development or office functions.

Are you overworked and overstressed? Looking to cut your overhead? Do you lack a specific skill in your organization? Are you losing business because you have less time, limited resources or are too occupied with other commitments?

If so, then let FortuneX unlock the full potential of your business by hiring a dedicated, virtual assistant or team to complete assignments quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Web promotion can be extremely time consuming work. We can dedicate an individual or team to handle the repetitive tasks you conduct to keep you competitive. Imagine, having an inexpensive, dedicated and competent group handling tasks like keyword research, link building and competitive analyses on a daily basis. This is the perfect situation for large corporations with large websites and limited marketing staffs. This also is an excellent solution for web design companies needing to outsource Internet marketing services for their clients.

FortuneX can assemble your own virtual, dedicated software development team at our own world-class facility. Our experienced developers produce solutions for a variety of industries. Please refer to the section on software development for a list of our capabilities.

Additionally, we can help in the following areas:Professional Web Design Australia

Internet researchers:
We can provide research assistants with excellent skills and years experience delivering quality output.

Data entry, data management and data verification services:
These are labor-intensive jobs with many possibilities for human error. FortuneX can deploy experienced assistants who will perform data entry from images, forms, full-text sheets, cards, or books. We provide accuracy using variety of double entry, OCR plus verification and proofreading techniques.

Data capture, retrieval and database management:
FortuneX will create databases for websites and offline media like the ‘Yellow Pages”. This data will be delivered to you in the required database (SQL Server, MySQL or Access) or in Excel or tabbed formats.

Content and copy writers:
If you operate a blog, corporate, educational or other content-intensive site, we can provide experienced writers to keep your copy fresh and relevant. Our writers have produced content for a variety of industries and their content can be localized for U.S. or U.K. audiences. American-based editors verify the quality of content prior to your own review.

Web designers:
FortuneX can provide short- or long-term web design assignments for you. We produce sites that adhere to web standards and are easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read.


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